Home Selling Myths Busted

Posted on: 16 May 2022

Home Selling Myths Busted

When it comes to selling any property, there’s a lot of information that some may find overbearing and rumours out there that just aren't true, and it can sometimes be difficult separating what can help you from what could hinder you.

Advice often comes from well-meaning friends or family members who are just trying to be helpful, but in reality, they are not estate agents!

Our team of estate agents at Horts are all experienced property professionals with many years of experience between us, who strive to provide excellent service wherever possible.

So to ensure you are in possession of the correct information and to make sure selling your property is as stress free as possible.

Here are seven home selling myths you’re likely to hear and why they’re not to be believed.


1. Overpricing Your Home Will Lead to Better Offers


Unfortunately, many sellers believe that by overpricing their house to start with, it leaves more room for negotiation and ultimately a better offer.

That’s why we often see sellers marketing their properties with the agent who has simply come in with the highest valuation!

However, this is entirely false.

When buyers are looking at the property market, they’ll search within their price range.

If your property price has been inflated, then it’s going to be competing against other properties that appear to be far better value for money, rather than sitting in the price bracket it should be in!

This potentially means it will sit on the market for longer meaning that selling property may take longer.

Buyers whose budget doesn’t stretch to the higher price range will miss out on seeing your property altogether as they’re not even looking in that price bracket.

You’ll attract more offers and sell your property more quickly if it’s been priced fairly.

It gives it a chance to stand out among other properties in its price range, rather than being a poor relation in the higher price category.

And as a bonus you’re more than likely going to see interested persons competing upwards to beat the competition rather than try to knock your asking offer down.


2. Getting an Immediate Offer Means it’s Priced Too Low


If you’ve resisted the urge to overprice your home and an offer comes in straight away, it’s tempting to think that you’ve missed a trick by not marketing it at a higher price. After all, if you had done, then you’d be a few thousand pounds better off surely?

Again, this is false. Most buyers scour the market for a couple of months, waiting for the perfect house. Remember too that if you’d overpriced it, there’s a chance they wouldn’t have found it in the first place.


3. A Better Offer Will Come Along if You Wait


This is another all too familiar trap that sellers fall into. After all, if you’ve had an offer on the very same day your home has gone on sale, then surely there’s likely to be a whole queue of buyers lining up for it?

No, not necessarily. You might just have been lucky enough to have the right buyer come along and find their perfect property at the right time.

If you receive a fair offer, then it’s usually best to accept it whether your property has been on the market for hours, days , weeks or months.


4. The Estate Agent With the Lowest Commission is the Best Option


While you’ll naturally want to earn as much money from your property sale as possible, it doesn’t mean you should sign a contract with the estate agent who offers the cheapest fees.

Selling a property can be a very stressful process. A good estate agent will help make it run as smoothly as possible while communicating effectively and providing outstanding service, so it’s crucial you weigh up what’s included in their fee.

Although it’s tempting to cut costs as much as possible in the short term, you might come to regret it over the longer term, especially if your property isn’t selling.


5. Major Renovations Will Offer the Biggest Return on Investments


Many homeowners are under the impression that if they spend a few thousand pounds on a conservatory, a swimming pool or a landscaped garden, they’ll just be able to add the cost of it to the house when they come to sell.

Sadly, it’s not quite as simple as this. Not all buyers will want to maintain a pool or require the space that a conservatory ultimately takes away from their garden, for example. Many buyers prefer to start with a blank canvas too, so they can add their own renovations.

That’s not to say that a major renovation is a bad idea, but if you’re only doing it to see a return when you come to sell, then it might be worth considering the type of renovation or extension that will bring you the best returns.


6. It’s Not Worth Fixing the House up at all


If you’ve decided to sell your property, it’s understandable that you won’t be thinking about spending even more money on it. After all, it won’t be you seeing the benefits long-term.

This logic is flawed, though, and it could cost you when it comes to getting the full asking price.

A property that’s well maintained and looked after is far more appealing to buyers. Fixing broken fences and gates, tidying the garden, replacing broken windows or doors and giving any tired rooms a fresh lick of paint will go a long way towards selling your property for its true value.


7. An Online Free Valuation is 100% Accurate


Online valuations are a fantastic tool and we are most definitely in favour! However, a quick online valuation of your property should be used as a guide.

Online tools don’t always take into account the condition of a property or the extra value you may have added. They’re simply using other similar sized and types of properties in your area as a guideline.

The best way to get your property valued is always to contact an experienced, local estate agent who will come and value your property in person.


Our team want to go the extra mile, putting customer care at the front of what we do, making sure your property needs are being met, you can speak to a residential sales manager or an appointed representative to discuss the finer details, allowing them to worry about things such as non investment insurance contracts and the broker fee.

Horts are your local property management experts for Northampton, Rugby and surrounding villages. We provide all kinds of services ranging from mortgage advice to general property advice.

Give us a call on 01604 639933 for Northampton or 01788 550044 for Rugby.

A member of our friendly and experienced team will be happy to speak with you further.



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